The Word

The Lord’s Keeping: A Bro. John Michael Testimony

   I am Bro. John Michael Embuedo Dres, one of the youth members from the local church of Madrid, Spain and I am a COVID-19 survivor. I started to feel the symptoms of virus on March 13, 2020. That time, there were only 700 confirmed COVID cases in Madrid. I decided to see the doctor when I had a nonstop fever. The doctor didn’t pay much attention to my symptoms and just sent me home to rest. March 19, my symptoms got worst.

Ang Pangako sa mga Tinawag at Hinirang ng Dios

   Likas sa tao ang naising marinig ang pangako ng Dios. Ngunit ang mag-angkin sa pangakong maka-langit na siya ang pinatutungkulan ay hindi sapat upang masabing tunay ngang siya ang kinauukulan. Mahalaga na kamtin muna ng tao ang kalagayang karapat-dapat sa pangako ng Dios.

Christianity in the Midst of Pandemic

‌‎   In a few short weeks, we have witnessed a crisis unlike anything most of us have ever seen. A crisis where any pre-existing course of action has to be put on hold or reset. Streets were nearly empty. Business establishments were closed. Classes were suspended. Online classes have been implemented. People stayed at home and worked from home. Social distancing has been the by-word and battle cry of the people.